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Black Socks 102 (1Pair)
Black Socks 102 (1Pair)
Black Socks 102 (1Pair)

Black Socks 102 (1Pair)

2228-01/ H10

$1.67 USD

These military socks are made for a perfect fit and all-day comfort in your tactical shoes. You will be able to fully concentrate on your mission in this lightweight sock with its high-density cushioning, so you'll face no distractions during your performance. Plus, full range of motion and comfort are ensured without it moving as you do. 

  • Sits mid-calf
  • Blister-resistant
  • Color-compliant with uniform requirements
  • Made with 85% cotton and 15% spandex
  • Soft and breathable to dry fast
  • Great under your military or hiking boots