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tactical socks
tactical socks
tactical socks

Grey Socks 112 (2Pairs)

94665/ H01

$3.10 USD

Most security personnel and tactical officers realize the value of a good military boot, but have you ever stopped to consider how valuable what lies underneath could really be? Without the right pair of socks, a good tactical boot in the field is worth nothing, and that is exactly why you need to get these mid-calf tactical socks! From improving your speed and stamina to being theater-ready and providing all-day comfort, these military socks' got the military memo. These lightweight socks also come in a pack of 3 and offer durability and warmth whether on a hike or on a long mission on the field.  

  • Sits mid-calf
  • Blister-resistant
  • Padded toe and heel
  • High-density cushioning and tactical support
  • Decreases foot fatigue and improves circulation
  • Enhances foot comfort 
  • Made with 85% cotton and 15% spandex
  • Great under your military, hiking, or hunting boots
  • An elastic band keeps the sock firmly on the leg