Welcome to Columbus discount system! We are thrilled to offer a wide range of discounts and rewards to our loyal customers and to encourage community involvement. Our goal is to tailor discounts to meet specific needs and show our appreciation for any sustainable business. We believe that this system not only yields monetary benefits but would also helps to strengthen our community and foster a sense of belonging.

Here is a growing list of all ongoing discounts that have been provided to date:

- Seasonal Discount: You can take advantage of seasonal discounts at any time of the year; you'll find them mainly during a clearance sale or when it's a holiday season.

- Loyalty program discounts: Applicants who applied to our ambassador program get to enjoy a range of discounts. Specifics about eligibility for these discounts are available in the program rules.

- Volume discounts: Columbus offers discounts for buying in bulk, so if you're looking to make a large purchase, don't forget to ask about the discount rates. These discounts are typically based on the total quantity of an order and are subject to an agreement before final confirmation.

- Promotional discounts: We're always looking to broaden our customer base, which is why we participate in promotional events with exclusive discounts. Make sure you're always updated on our social media channels to see if any sales discounts are announced.

- Group discounts: We also offer special discount rates for groups like Lebanese military personnel, students, and seniors. These discounts are often provided to make Columbus's products more affordable for these groups.

- Employee Discount: Every employee or worker at Columbus can receive 50% off on any Columbus item at our store.

- Referral Discount: One of the perks of our ambassador program is a referral discount, but you can also get a discounted rate through referral links if you want to be a sponsored member.

- Negotiated discounts: We're always open to negotiations about discounts and other terms that may yield sustainable mutual benefits.

We hope these discounts will be a source of inspiration and motivation for everyone to continue supporting Columbus.