Fake Columbus Websites and Accounts

Columbus - Protecting Against Fraud

As Columbus's reputation as a rising Lebanese brand continues to grow, we have noticed an increase in the number of fake websites and counterfeit products claiming to be affiliated with our company. These fake advertisements and websites often appear convincing. Still, it is crucial to be vigilant to protect yourself from falling victim to fraud.

Tips on How to Spot a Fake Columbus Website or Product:

  • Look for the blue verified tick: If you see an ad on social media from "Columbus", but there's no blue tick, it is likely fake. Similarly, if you see an advertisement on social media that sells "Columbus" items, but the listed URL preview isn't, it is also likely fake. Be wary of any accounts or advertisements that do not have the blue verified tick.
  • Check the URL: Avoid websites with strange or unusual names, such as columbus or, as they are likely to be fraudulent.
  • Watch out for errors: If an ad has odd formatting, poor-quality images, or spelling and grammar mistakes, it is likely fake.

In addition to fake websites, we have also noticed a rise in fake social media accounts claiming to be part of the "Columbus Sponsorship" team, offering individuals a place in their sponsorship program. These accounts are not affiliated with Columbus and should be reported to the appropriate social media platform.

What to Do if You Believe You Have Fallen Victim to a Fake Columbus Website or Social Media Account?

  • Report it to the Lebanese cybercrime office if you have provided personal details or images.
  • Contact your bank provider if you have made a purchase.
  • Submit a report to our Internal Brand Protection Team at Columbus.


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If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support team for assistance. Stay safe and be vigilant against fake websites and products.

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